Thursday, February 11, 2010

assugnment 2

I feel very upset about my PK1. I am not ready to sit for my exam but its all over now. I think the best way for me to get best result in my exam is I need to focus more on the subject that I weak. I also think I have to study in a group,they will help me to do a revision.

Thursday, February 4, 2010



1)Write a short essay :Why i choose ICT subject rather than PA or Biology?
I choose ICT subject because I think ICT is lot more easier than PA or Bio. I also think ICT is good for my future because nowadays job offer are online and it is not impossible if the job interview are online in future.

2)Intellectual Property laws cover ideas ,inventions,literary creations,unique names,bussiness models,industril processes,computer program codes and many more. We need a laws and ethics to protect our property.
a:Define "computer theft" and give an activity that reflects computer theft.
Computer theft is defined as the unauthorized used of another person property.
Example:transfer of payment to the wrong accounts.
b:Hacking is a source of threat to security in computer.Define 'hacking' and give an example of 'hacking' activity.
Hacking refer to unauthorized accesses to the computer system by a hacker.
Example:university student hacking the university exam system.